RRiBbit now available on Maven Central

RRiBbit is the most advanced, versatile and easy to use Open Source Eventbus in the Java World. You can use it within a Java application, to have different classes/components talk to each other without needing dependencies on one another, and you can use it to communicate with other Java applications on other machines.

RRiBbit improves upon existing Eventbuses by being compatible with existing code and by allowing the listeners to send something back to the senders. That's why we like to use the term Request-Response-Bus.

RRiBbit is now available on the Maven Central. That means that you can now easily add RRiBbit to your Maven project by adding a dependency with groupId "org.rribbit" and artifactId "rribbit".

For this, we made a new release of RRiBbit (2.4.0). The complete list of changes is:

  • Added the creation of encrypted .asc files to the Maven build in preparation of publication in the Maven Central.
  • Switched to a publicly available Subversion Repository, also in preparation of publication in the Maven Central.
  • Fixed an issue where package based scanning for Listener annotations didn't work in certain cases when the class files were inside a jar.
  • Added support for multiple hints in one Listener.
  • Improved initialization time of SpringHttpRequestProcessorServlet.
  • Added a chapter in the documentation on Eventbuses in general.
  • Other minor documentation updates and improvements.
Check out www.rribbit.org or download the latest version here.
Gert-Jan Schouten, MSc. is a Senior Software Architect / Engineer specialized in Java and Development Infrastructure. At this blog, he writes about his personal visions and thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “RRiBbit now available on Maven Central

  1. Hi, I like the work you are doing and i wanted to contribute in my free time, how do i join the team?


  2. Hi Wyclif!

    Good to hear that you like RRiBbit! What kind of contributions were you thinking of? The development workload at this point in time is not high enough to require another developer, but we can always use extra promotion. Let me know :-)

    Cheers, Gert-Jan